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  Institution   Rating Outlook
Sri Lanka Insurance Corporation                    AAA Stable
Peoples' Bank                    AAA Stable
Standard Chartered Bank PLC                    AAA Stable
National Insurance Trust Fund                    AAA Stable
Commercial Bank of Ceylon PLC                    AA+ Stable
Sampath Bank PLC                    AA Stable
Hayleys PLC                    AA- Stable
Merchant Bank of Sri Lanka PLC                    AA- Stable
Lanka Hospitals Corporation PLC                    A+ Positive
State Mortgage & Investment Bank                    A Stable
Tokyo Cement PLC                    A Stable
Nawaloka Hospitals PLC                    A Stable
CIC Holdings PLC                    A Stable
Janashakthi Insurance PLC                    A Stable
Vidullanka PLC                    A- Stable
Lankaputra Development Bank                    A- Stable
LB Finance PLC                    A- Stable
E B Creasy & Company PLC                    A- Stable
Lankem Ceylon PLC                    A- Stable
Bairaha Farms PLC                    A- Stable
Mercantile Investments & Finance PLC                    BBB+ Stable
Construction Guarantee Fund                    BBB+ Stable
First Capital Holdings PLC                    BBB+ Stable
Union Bank of Colombo                    BBB Stable
SANASA Development Bank                    BBB Stable
Sri Lanka Savings Bank                    BBB Stable
Sierra Cables PLC                    BBB Stable
Alliance Finance Company PLC                    BBB Positive
Citizen Development Business Finance Ltd                    BBB Stable
Asian Alliance Insurance PLC                    BBB Negative
Softlogic Finance Company PLC                    BBB- Stable
Swarnamahal Financial Services                    BB+ Stable
Vallibel Finance PLC                    BB+ Stable
Co-operative Insurance Company                    BB+ Stable
Bartleet Religare Securities                    BB+ Stable
Commercial Credit and Finance PLC                    BB+ Stable
BRAC Lanka Finance PLC                    BB+ Stable
Bartleet Finance PLC                    BB Negative
Arpico Finance PLC                    BB Stable
Associated Motor Finance PLC                    BB- Stable
George Steuart Finance PLC                    BB- Negative
Bimputh Lanka Investment Ltd                    BB- Stable
Prime Grameen Micro Finance Ltd                    B Stable
Asian Finance Ltd                    B- Stable